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By Agus Izquierdo Photo Lluís Tudela

Emili Bosch and Malcus Codolà form b1n0, an electronic duo with roots in La Bisbal that has managed to make a fully legitimate place for itself on the Catalan scene. Between the experimental and dance music, this project launched in the midst of the pandemic has managed to work in just a short period with artists such as Núria Graham, Torta Relena, Ferran Palau, El Petit de Cal Eril, and Pau Vehí (PHOAC). Undaunted explorers of inhospitable terrain, b1n0 are more navigators than musicians, more discoverers than producers. Now, after bi (Foehn Records, 2021), they are working on a new EP that will use a voice created with artificial intelligence.

Is b1n0 an Empordà-based project?

The Empordà is very important to us because we both returned to La Bisbal during the pandemic after living in Barcelona for a decade. And coming home was a crucial turning point because we were able to completely focus on this adventure.

Is it true that the region is experiencing a great moment of artistic growth?

Right now the Empordà is producing an incredible community of artists. I recently ran into Sergio Dalma at the supermarket [laughter]! In La Bisbal there are a dozen active musicians like Núria Graham, and in the rest of the region there’s Cala Vento, Pau Vehí, and the Playmodes, who make visual art. There is also Brava Performing Arts, an artists’ residency. 

b1n0 seems to operate under two clear guidelines: obsession with timbre and a daring attitude when trying and experimenting with sound in the studio. Is that accurate?

When we went into the studio to make our first record, we had no idea how to use the devices we now use regularly. Malcus and I are both really obsessive, each in our own field. It took us three years to make our first album. Malcus and I are lucky to be good friends and we can say things to each other’s faces. That makes everything go very fast and smooth. We share everything and make decisions that one of us would have more difficulty deciding alone. But we do fight sometimes. It’s all part of the process. That’s why music is made, to share.

And you share it through collaborations, right?

We love when people leave their comfort zone and enter our sound territory. For example, putting autotune on Graham or making El Petit de Cal Eril rap is a lot of fun [laughter]. But now we’re aiming to do fewer collaborations. For our new album we worked with software from a team in Barcelona called Voctro Labs. Through the vocal fusion of Vehí, Núria Graham, and Adriano Galante, we’ve created a unique voice with artificial intelligence. It will be the new voice of b1n0.

You’re a bit like chefs how you cut, sample, and select, no?

We’re avant-garde cooks [laughter]. We like to learn from mistakes. In fact, the disc we’re making now was created through trial and error: we’re interested in the mistakes that technology makes. We want to play and move things. We see music as a living being.

How do you prepare for live shows?

We alter formulas based on what seems right: sometimes there are three of us, and sometimes just the two of us perform live. Malcus is great and can cover all the percussion parts on his own. He’s amazing, obsessed with the drums. A lot of our shows are all him. He’s irreplaceable, not even by a computer.

In b1n0 I see irony, an implicit humor.

We are both very ironic. We’ve never been told that it comes through in our music before, and I love hearing that. As people, we’re not serious at all. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not demanding when we work. But yes, b1n0 has a very humorous note. We’re honest and we like to have fun. This has to be reflected in our music and on stage.