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Travel notes

By Cristina Mengual @theslowmediterranean Photo Andrea Ferrés

I'm truly fortunate to be able to call the Empordà my home and experience its magic and essence every day. I love strolling past and glancing at olive groves and vineyards that spread across the horizon or swimming in the coves of the Costa Brava and feeling the cool water of the sea. And the region’s typical dishes can’t be beat. I cherish discovering the history of the Empordà that families share with me. 


· 16:50 · Sleeping in the 'little' house

During our journey, we stayed at Casita Torre, a unique modernist house offered by Viu Empordà that both enchanted and inspired us. Not only because of its special features, the tower, the circular pool, and the small botanical garden, but also because it allowed us to discover the incredible surroundings in les Gavarres. I’ve lived in the area for years and I’m still excited about making new discoveries there and adding them to my list of favorites. 

· 20:30 · A dinner with harmony and constrasts

The night was dark and rainy, but this only added to the charm of the majestic and elegant Mas de Torrent. Going to dinner with a one-year-old isn’t always a great idea, but the hotel made us feel right at home. We were captivated by the tasting menu, an original and delicious proposal that was a dance of colors and aromas celebrating local cuisine and the roots of the Empordà.


· 11:00 · Olive oil tasting at fontclara 

We still fondly recall the experience we enjoyed at the Fontclara olive oil estate. It was like a small oasis appearing where time moves at a different pace. We toured the olive groves while learning about the process required to obtain the precious extra virgin olive oil. We were lucky enough to end the visit with an olive oil tasting accompanied by an aperitif and a glass of wine. 

· 13:30 · Lunch by the sea

Calella always awakens the senses. Its white streets full of life, transparent coves with schools of fish, and boats of all sizes resting on the sand: it’s the embodiment of a summer postcard. We had lunch at the iconic restaurant Les Voltes de Calella, with the sea as a backdrop offering us a pleasant salty smell. We chose to order two complete salads made with local produce and a few fish and seafood platters.

· 17:00 · Ceramic design and craftsmanship

We were really excited to discover the beautiful concept store Gla Empordà. This project unites local artisans and initiatives, supporting the essence of the Empordà. The ceramist Annick Galimont invited us to fully immerse ourselves in the art of ceramics and even work on a couple of pieces that we managed to complete thanks to a great deal of help and patience.


 · 11:00 · Tasting apples from the Empordà

We arrived at Mooma through the estate’s apple fields ready to taste some of its famous ciders. The tramuntana winds were still blowing, so we did so inside the restaurant instead of in the outdoor garden. We filled the table with a wide variety, from a potato omelet and a great fresh salad to more elaborate dishes. The star, of course, was the exquisite cider and apple juice made from single varieties of apples.

· 17:00 · Floral picnic

Walking among olive trees with the Medes Islands and the silhouette of the Montgrí on the horizon, Iolanda Bustos shared her passion for flowers with us while taking us to a bucolic floral picnic. It was a true show of colors, an explosion of flavors perfectly combined and paired with a delicate infusion made with rose water from El Jardín de las Lilas.

· 19:00 · Caldarium

We finished our tour of the Costa Brava in the best way: in the Caldarium at Can Mascort. This small pool with hot water transports guests to another era while inviting them to relax among stone walls bursting with history. The caldarium is located in a 300-year-old building that has been restored and renovated following the principles of bioconstruction, resulting in a healthy, ecological, and sustainable hotel that embraces wellbeing and rest.