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Aigua de Vilajuïga


In the foothills of the Cap de Creus, the village  of Vilajuïga has been proudly guarding its sought after water for more than 100 years. Vilajuïga’s naturally sparkling water is one of the best in the world. 

Vilajuïga: a rare, unique water

Vilajuïga water flows out amongst fields, mountains  and sea. It’s a naturally fizzy mineral water with its source in Cap de Creus natural park, Alt Empordà. It comes from an aquifer 70 meters deep, connected to the La Verdera mountain chain. Its natural bubbles and healthy mineral content are the result of a 30- year journey that begins when it rains over the surrounding hills. The water slips underground absorbing the various minerals responsible for Aigua de Vilajuïga’s characteristic bubbles. Inspired by water since 1904 It all started somewhere in this peaceful small village, where a well at the bottom of some stairs provided Vilajuïga’s residents with a very singular water. The locals knew those stairs were hiding a very special treasure and ascribed medicinal properties to the water. 

The society of Aigües de Vilajuïga was started  by Ramon Margineda in the early 1900s and soon after, on July 15th in 1904 the water’s medicinal quality was declared. Since then the society shared its characteristic water with the whole of Catalonia. 

The magic peculiarity of Vilajuïga water

Having a delicate, bubbly feel in the mouth  and a subtle, distinctive mineral flavour, Vilajuïga’s natural bubbles are finer and of greater quantity than waters with added CO². 

The gastronomic water

Its organoleptic properties, light body and  freshness perfectly combine with top-quality cuisine because, a part from it being slightly fizzy, it doesn’t fill you with gas or dominate other flavours. It can also be combined with wines, sweet wines, cavas, champagnes, tea and coffee, because it helps cleaning the palate and making us better appreciate the qualities of other drinks. 

Vilajuïga water has complimented the food of  such distinguished chefs as Ferran Adrià of elBulli’s: 

“elBulli’s evolution has been based on creativity  and innovation on one hand, and on the other by stimulating the diners’ emotions. For that, Vilajuïga water has been the key because nature herself had already created a wonderful drink with an amazing soul. Vilajuïga is a fascinating creation that we are unable to imitate. Vilajuïga water is by in large a mystery, and that makes it magic.” Ferran Adrià 

The healthy water

Vilajuïga isn’t merely an excellent beverage,  but also a powerful ally for our health. In 1903 prestigious chemist Dr. B. Oliver i Rodés certified its medicinal mineral benefits which meant it became the pharmacists’ favourite. Minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium, lithium and bicarbonate are pure properties that provide the body with the salts and trace minerals necessaries for our well-being. 

A bottle shaped by ‘tramuntana’

Centuries of geological erosion, stone carved  by rain and shaped by the ‘tramuntana’ wind… the constantly changing landscape that makes pure Empordà the inspiration for the design of the new Vilajuïga bottle. Its organic shape, daring asymmetry and beautiful imperfection express Vilajuïga’s singular quality perfectly.//