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Strategic Coaching

Ten years ago Xavier and Gemma started the  DO_Sinergia project: to create a space, with knowledge and tools gathered from various disciplines, for the purpose of enhancing the quality of our lives through natural growth and change.

DO_Sinergia offers a range of services  including Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Problem Solving, among others. Its aim is to provide tools, one-to one programs and training with international certifications. They now have a wide client base, from individuals to companies, public institutions and professional groups. In short, DO_Sinergia helps you to face life’s tough challenges by learning new strategies to realise and increase opportunities for growth out of them.

DO_Sinergia are constantly on the look-out  for natural synergies between up-to-theminute techniques and their expert collaborators, which is what makes their clients relationships so close and unique. Xavier and Gemma’s three key areas of action are: relationships, communication and strategies for the maximum effectiveness of both. “If we would have to describe in a few words the essence of our company, perhaps we’d take a look at its name: in Japanese ‘DO’ means path, and in Greek, ‘Sinergia’ indicates cooperation.”

What makes them different? The great respect  for the people they work with and their professional artisan philosophy. //

DO_Sinergia | Coaching & Problem Solving Estratègic · 661 821 938 ·

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